I want to explain science to the world.

That’s it. It’s that simple. I want to be able to take the new cutting edge research and the overly complicated academic scientific reports and explain what is really going on in them. I want people to see that the science of our world isn’t too complicated to understand and therefore shouldn’t be ignored. I want them to get it.

And I want to do this through any form of media that I need to use. I personally love graphic design and Adobe creative cloud. My dream job would be to sit on a computer and just mess around within Adobe software all day. But I know that graphics isn’t always the very best form to display information. Sometimes it needs to be written out. Sometimes it needs to be spoken. Different information needs to be displayed in different ways.

So while I love graphic design and I love science I also know that I need other skills to really be able to do what that opening line says. Which is why I try to learn it all.

I am a writer and an editor. The Huffington Post has published my original work 7 times, Elite Daily 5 times, and Unwritten.com has done so approximately 80 times. As an editor, I have also helped publish hundreds of other articles on a range of topics for sustainability to travel to college life.

I am a graphic designer. In the summer of 2017 I worked for CIRES (an environmental research institute based out of the University of Colorado Boulder) as their Communications Intern. Here I did everything their actual graphic designer would have done. I created one pagers for the NSIDC which were placed in the hands of lobbyist and brought to D.C. for fundraising efforts. I created a logo for a new nonprofit, as well as every graphical you can find on their website. I photoshop pictures. I create layouts. I make social media campaigns. I create elements to help people better understand the messages that are being thrown at them.

I am a scientist. My degree is a science one meaning that while a lot of my skill set is communications focused, I know how to conduct a research study because I had to do one myself. My senior thesis was a year long research project where I surveyed, analyzed, and compiled data myself. I used programs like NodesXL and ArcGIS and I know how much hard work goes into each and every scientific report that comes out. I know scientists have put all they have into these projects and often there is simply a disconnect between how they read their reports and how the public is going to see and understand these results. And because I can and have seen both sides I know we can bridge this gap of disconnection. We can make sure the science is understood outside of the science community.

I can also be a journalist or a filmmaker or a photographer or a social media specialist. These titles are all things that I have experience doing through various opportunities and experiences I have been lucky enough to be a part of. And each one has shaped me. Allowed me to grow.

Ready to take a look?